Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virtual easter eggs

Easter eggs are fun. A special kind of them are winter easter eggs (do you still call this easter egg?). In the spirit of this tradition we added some snow to SUSE Studio last week. Now when booting a virtual appliance in SUSE Studio's testdrive today, the openSUSE boot screen was all snow with some penguins wandering around. What a splendid coincidence. I guess you can call this a virtual easter egg. Fun :-)

Looking forward to real snow now.

By the way, did you notice that you can stop the snow in SUSE Studio?


  1. I'm getting snow on my PC :] .

    But how to stop it (; ?

  2. i thought easter eggs were something you had to find, hidden by default, like the easter eggs. if you don't have to do anyting to locate it, it's not a easter egg :)

  3. I can't believe we're still shipping the penguins :/

  4. I would not call that as a easter egg because that animation of snow and Tuxes wondering around comes up on different boot times. I think it is littlebit disturbing because it is not so good looking as default OpenSUSE boot theme for GRUB, even it is so cool idea to have such animations. It should be updated to better graphics.

    What is wrong with tux? Tux is the official logo for the Linux operating system. Just like GNU has own logo for their project (and GNU's own OS Hurd has own official logo, even it is not so nice We should use more Tux with the distribution logos and especially telling users that they use Linux as their OS (unless they run Hurd or other OS).

  5. @jimmac: This is an 11.1 image. I actually don't know, if it's still in 11.2.

  6. I kind of agree that these aren't real easter eggs. So what is the correct term?


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