Sunday, February 12, 2012

Releasing Polka 0.9

I'm at Osnabrück 10, the tenth edition of the annual meeting of the KDE PIM community at the lovely city of Osnabrück. I took the opportunity to put some finishing touches to the next release of Polka. So here it is: Polka 0.9. I consider it the last beta release before releasing 1.0 as first stable release.

It's still an experiment to provide a new view on the user interface of dealing with people. But it works quite stable and well as it is, and you can give the UI concepts a try. Read more about the concepts in my blog entry "It's not an address book". Get Polka 0.9 by checking it out from git or downloading the release tarball: polka-0.9.tar.gz.

I'm happy about feedback, so if you have comments, questions, or ideas, or would like to discuss Polka, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Finally as a teaser here also is a sneak peek into another world:

It's not done yet, but there is first build running on the N9. The UI needs some adjustments, but the general concept actually feels right on a phone as well.


  1. Alles Ist Gut! Except one thing that 'Have fun with Polka' is at least offensive since Polka == Polish Women :)

    1. Sorry, I didn't want to be offensive, and wasn't aware of this connotation. International English is tricky ;-) I'll change the text to something else for the next release.

  2. What are you using as a backend? This seems perfect for visualizing semantic data from Nepomuk, which interconnect pretty much everything.

    So you could explore which files did a person sent to you, your chat logs with that person, email addresses, phone numbers, publications by that person etc etc etc (provided you have all that data in your Nepomuk database ;)

    1. The backend is git right now, but you certainly could connect the UI to other backends as well. The existing code also is not the most relevant part. Writing a new application, applying the UI concepts to semantic data, shouldn't be that hard.


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