Thursday, September 4, 2014

Going to Akademy 2014

I'm going to Akademy. Now. I'm about to leave for the train to Brno and am looking forward to the people, presentations, discussions, workshops, hacking sessions, beers, ideas, and everything else which makes Akademy special every single time.

For me Akademy will start with a series of presentations:

On Friday I'm presenting the report of the KDE e.V. board to the membership. It will be the last time I do this, as my term ends, and I will not run again. It's the end of nine years being on the board of KDE e.V. Not being on the board anymore will be a change, but I'm happy that we have great candidates to fill the open positions. I also still want to and will be involved in KDE e.V., but as a regular member.

On Saturday I will give a short talk about Inqlude. This is a side project, I really enjoy working on, and it gains more and more traction. With the release of KDE Frameworks 5 we now have a huge number of libraries from KDE listed there. There is plenty of awesome stuff to use for any Qt developer. I will report about the current state, and would also be happy to see more people getting involved with further developing the tool and the site.

On Sunday I will give the community keynote. I will talk about how KDE makes you a better person. Some more information is on the dot in the announcement of the Akademy keynotes, and the interview Carl did with me. KDE is an amazing environment which has given me a lot. I will talk about how I see KDE enabling growth in people, and how we can maintain that.

There are many more interesting talks in the program. I'm especially looking forward to Kevin's talks about craftsmanship, and agile, as I think we can learn some good things from what others and the software development community in general are doing. I'm also excited to hear more from the KDE Visual Design Group. They will talk about community design and how designers tick. The visual design group has made a big difference to KDE in a short time, and I'm looking forward to see more of that.

But there is more than presentations to Akademy, meeting old and new friends, discussing technology, community, and many other things, hacking with others on the latest projects, and more...

See you all in Brno tomorrow.

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