Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I'm going to Akademy, again

A little bit less than a month and I will be at Akademy again, KDE's annual conference. This is the place where you can meet one of the most amazing open source communities. To me it's kind of my home community. This is where I have learned a lot about open source, where I contributed tons of code and other work, where I met a lot of awesome friends. I have been to most Akademy events, including the first KDE conference "Kastle" in 2003. But I missed the one last year. I'm more than happy to be back this year in Vienna on August 11.

Akademy will start with the conference on the weekend, August 11-12. I was in the program committee this year and I think we have put together an exciting program. You will see what's going on in KDE, what the community is doing on their goals of privacy, community onboarding, and productivity, hear about the activities of KDE e.V., get to know some of the students who work as part of one of the mentoring programs such as the Google Summer of Code, and much more.

It's a special honor to me to present the Akademy Awards this year together with my fellow award winners from last year. It was hard to choose because there are so many people who do great stuff in KDE. But we have identified a set of people who definitely deserve this prize. Join us at the award ceremony to find out who they are.

Being at Akademy is always special. It's such an amazing group of people hold together by a common idea, culture, and passion. You could never hire such a fantastic group. So I feel lucky that I got and took the opportunity to work with many of these people over the years.

It's also very rewarding to see new people join the community. Akademy always has this special mix of KDE dinosaurs, the young fresh people who just joined, and everything in between. The mentoring KDE does with great care and enthusiasm pays off, with interest.

Vienna is calling. I'll quickly answer the call. See you there.

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