Thursday, July 9, 2009


After all the discussions and meetings we had about during the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit and on the xdg mailing list, I have now written down a more formal version of the process we talked about, so we can sort out all the details and decide on a final procedure how to document specifications and define what is an accepted specification. This hopefully will fix

To bootstrap the process I wrote it down as a specification for the Specification Process.

The next step is to get comments and incorporate them into the document. So if you have comments please let me know, respond to the thread on the xdg mailing list, or provide a patch to the document.

When comments are incorporated we can merge the specification back into the main specification repository and get acceptance by the desktop communities.


  1. The names of the desktop environments shouldn't be hardcoded as there is no guarantee that they will be the main ones in the future.

  2. Great!

    There's one "</revision>" too many in the specification meta data format example, and I agree with nico.


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