Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ownCloud in a box

I had some free minutes today at Akademy, so I decided to build an ownCloud appliance. I did a few iterations in SUSE Studio and there you go: ownCloud in a box.
The screenshot shows the ownCloud web interface running in a testdrive on SUSE Studio. The appliances is available as live CD, USB image, virtual image for VMware, VirtualBox or KVM, or as disk image. This should make it really easy to run your own ownCloud server for just having a look or for quickly getting an instance up on some computer.

It's a first version, so don't be too surprised, if there are still some issues. Feedback is welcome as always.


  1. Your link to is wrong. Unless you were hoping that I'd buy a cheap air-conditioning unit as well... :-)

  2. @Colin Thanks for pointing it out. Air-conditioning is great these days, but my main concern actually was the ownCloud project ;-). Fixed that link now.

  3. I am already using encrypted WebDAV as backup on my hosted server. I am really looking forward to all the planned features and would love to move to OwnCloud by the end of the year (if the schedule does not slip). Even 1.1 looks really interesting.

    It's a wonderful project, thank you for putting your energy into this!


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