Thursday, March 24, 2011

Show us your work on the free desktop

The deadline for the Call for Participation of the Berlin Desktop Summit is approaching. The deadline for submitting proposals for presentations and lightning talks is tomorrow. So you still have the chance to submit a presentation and talk about your work on the free desktop at the wonderful event in Berlin that the desktop summit promises to be. It takes place from 6th to 12th August this year and combines the annual conferences of the KDE and GNOME communities.

Some of you might think that your contributions to the free desktop to the event are not relevant enough to warrant submitting a talk. That often is not true. While we will have well-known speakers who have done ground-breaking things on the free desktop, we all have started small, and sometimes especially the small projects, which are still young, are the most interesting ones to hear about. So please don't hesitate to try it, submit a presentation, talk about the projects you are passionate about, share the love for the free desktop with the community. Berlin is the right place for this.

Submit your proposal now.

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