Friday, June 3, 2011

Platform 11 at Randa

I'm at the Platform 11 sprint at Randa. We are here to discuss and shape the future of the KDE platform. It's the first meeting of this kind since Trysil five years ago. Four people who were at Trysil also made it to Randa, including a respectable dinosaur, but it's great to also have new and very new faces around.

Randa is a great location. It's a small village in the south of Switzerland, in the middle of the mountains. The Swiss railroad system did an impressive job of bringing us to Randa on a steep and winding track. Now we are surrounded by thousands of meters of mountains, and there is snow and glaciers, but no escape. Perfect time to focus on the KDE platform.

Yesterday we did a brainstorming and collection of topics to discuss, and started to go into projects in smaller breakout groups. A Kanban board keeps us on track and moving. There is a lot to discuss, but it's already pretty clear, that there is a solid base of consensus on many of the core questions, how to make kdelibs more modular, how to better seperate and define the framework and the platform, how to lower the barrier for application developers. We will need to do lots of additional work to sort out details and find the best solutions to the key questions, but that's what we are here for. So I'm looking forward to the next few days, and all the results we'll create.

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