Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I posted this on the kde-promo mailing list. But it's more fun with proper links, so I'm reposting it here.

Konqi is a part of the KDE family for a long time now. He has not only been part of our software and promotion activities, he has also made several real-life appearances on his own, or with his girlfriend Katie, and as a movie star. He has looked over the shoulders of many KDE developers and the plush version has been part of quite some kid's lifes, including mine.

Konqi has inspired artists, pastry cooks, and needlework. He also has been an excellent member of the family of free software mascots. And of course what would David be without his famous Konqi T-Shirt?

Konqi is part of our home as community, and while not everybody likes him the same, for many of us he is part of the identity of KDE. But he wasn't our first mascot, and he won't be our last one. The new rendition is cute, but still professional, and opening up a number of new interesting ways how to work with our mascot.

It will have to prove itself. I don't think it would be right to do a huge change to our mascot by a vote or a committee. But if there are people behind it, who give it a life, use it to give KDE promotion a fresh touch, make use of the opportunities it provides, it will grow and can become a worthy successor of our current Konqi. Then it will be part of the KDE family as well.

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  1. deben sacar varios videojuegos con konqi asi como lo hacen con tux seria genial


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