Friday, June 28, 2013

SUSE Hack Week 9

The results are in. The winners of the awards for SUSE Hack Week 9 have been announced.

The award for the best overall project goes to the heroic effort to kill YCP. The team has made great progress and the plan is to see the results in milestone 4 of openSUSE 13.1. It will be the first SUSE distribution since ages, which will install without requiring YCP, the SUSE in-house developed programming language. This is quite an achievement. It ends an era and starts a new one.

Other awards went to the widely discussed team effort to create a light-weight deskop using KDE technology, to Tim's great performance as individual developer to get support for encrypted web sockets into QEMU's VNC implementation, or to the glorious openSUSE ARM team. There are more awards, and you can find the full goodness of all Hack Week projects on the Hack Week Wiki.

My own project was somewhat meta. Together with Henne I worked on a web app for managing the Hack Week projects. We weren't happy with the current set of tools, because they didn't provide enough support for discovering projects and fostering collaboration. So we set out to change that, took a deep grab into the magic chest of web technology, and wrote a new app. There is a demo and source code.

You can enter and maintain your projects, join and comment on projects of others, and browse projects to see what's going on. We also started to implement a recommendation engine, which hints you at projects, which match your interests. This gives a more structured environment than before, which hopefully makes it easier and more fun to collaborate on common interests. Some more details about what we did you can find on my Hack Week blog.

Our intention is to have this app ready for next Hack Week, so that we can use it for managing the projects then. If you want to help you can find the source code on GitHub.

Another fun project right before Hack Week was to set up the Hack Week web site. Cassio, André, Tom, Ken and me threw together some time and effort and came up with a shiny scrolling front page, complete with magic project lock, and a terminal mode.

And of course we had T-Shirts.

I'm looking forward to next Hack Week.

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